Courses on Environmental Modelling using TerraME

This page presents material taught at courses on Environmental Modelling, prepared by the TerraME team.

Courses at INPE

Courses at IFGI/Muenster

Vespucci Summer School, Firenze, 2010

A brief course on TerraME was given at the Vespucci Summer School 2010, prepared by Gilberto Camara, Tiago Carneiro and Pedro R. Andrade

UNESP, Presidente Prudente, 2010

A course on Enviromental Modelling using TerraME was given by Tiago Carneiro at the Department of Cartography Engineering at State University of Sao Paulo in 2010:

IFGI Summer School, Munster, 2008

IAI-CPTEC Training Institute on Climate, Land Use and Modeling, 2006

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