Current TerraME version: 1.0 BETA (2011-04-06)


Source code

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TerraME is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Older versions are available here. For information on future versions, please visit the development page.

New Features

  • Source code documentation
  • New types of observers: dynamic map for CellularSpace debbuging; dynamic charts for monitoring Agent, Automanton, and Cell propertis; dynamic state diagrams for behavior analysis; timer observers for monitoring the simulation clock; Schedulers observers for discrete Event queue monitoring; UDP sender for remotely observing all TerraME types; and text and logFile observers for all TerraME types
  • Fixed Neighborhood bugs: load and save
  • Development of complete and automatic unit tests for all TerraME types and services
  • Update to TerraLib version 3.6
  • Update to Qt version 4.3.3
  • Update to Lua version 5.1
  • A completly new TerraME version for Linux platform
  • The first release for the TerraME GIMS graphical integrated environment for model development
  • Removed dependency on MSVCRT libraries

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