All TerraME examples are available within the demos folder and can be downloaded: here. Some of these examples require a database, which are available below. You can also download the full set of TerraME databases here.

Fire Spread Model code + database: MDB or MySQL + paper
Hydrological model code + MDB or MySQL
LUCC model for Amazonia code + database: MDB or MySQL
Game of Life code
Schelling's Seggregation Model code
Spatial Games code

Tip for Mac OS X users

If you are a Mac OS X user and would like to convert an Access database (.mdb) to a mySQL database to use in TerraME on a Mac, please follow the following steps:

  1. Use the application “MDB ACCDB Viewer” to open your MDB file on a Mac. The app is not open source, but it's cheap and worth the money, since there are no good FOSS to do the conversion.
  2. Export the MDB file to SQL using the “MDB ACCDB Viewer”.
  3. Use the very good FOSS “Sequel Pro” to import your SQL file to your mySQL database.
  4. If the import operation is successful, you should have a list of TerraLib compatible tables shown in the “Sequel Pro” app. Go to the “te_view” table, and show its contents. You will see that the “user name” field is blank. Please enter your SQL username here.

That's it! If you don't succeed, send an email to Gilberto Camara gilberto.camara@inpe.br.

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