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Known Bugs

  • CellularSpace Observer that uses legends with 'uniquevalue' mode does not work properly yet.
  • Default legends do not work for observers of Society.
  • Windows Installer: We found out that if you install the package in the default location (Program files) you may have trouble with permissions in some cases. We recommend installing TerraME in a location that you have full access.
  • Linux 64 bits installer: You may have to install the “ia32-libs” before running the installer.
  • Method kill() does not work properly for neighborhoods.
  • The following syntax will not work:
  env = Environment{ id = "MyEnvironment"}
  env:createPlacement{strategy = "random"} 

You should use instead:

env = Environment{ id = "MyEnvironment", cs , ag1 }
env:createPlacement{strategy = "random"}

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