Human-Enviroment Interactions using TerraME

This page describes the course on Human-Enviroment Interactions using TerraME that was given at the Vespucci Summer School 2010

Course Description

This course discusses the challenges of modelling the interactions between the social and the natural systems. Modelling human-environment interactions involves collecting data, building up a conceptual approach, implementing, calibrating, validating, and repeating one or more steps again. Nature-society models need to combine different methods, including support for both cellular automata and agent-based models. To match these requirements, we useTerraME, an open source software that supports multiparadigm modelling of nature-society interactions. The lectures introduce TerraME, and show how to develop models using the software.

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Complex Systems and Emergence

Part 3: Governing the Commons using Game Theory

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