Cellular Automata

Version: 0.5.9
License: GPL
Release: 10/18/2017
Authors: Pedro R. Andrade
Depends: terrame (>= 2.0)

Implements the Cellular Automata paradigm.


Anneal Anneal model from Toffoli & Margolis (1988).
BandedVegetation Banded vegetation model based on Dunkerley (1997) Banded vegetation: development under uniform rainfall from a simple cellular automaton model.
DaisyWorld Implementation of a 2D Daisy World model.
Excitable Excitable model from Wiener & Rosenbleuth (1946).
Fire A Model to simulate fire in the forest.
Growth Simple growth model.
InterspecificCompetition Spatial Interspecific Competition using CA.
Life A Model to simulate Game of Life.
Oscillator Oscillator model from Ermentrout & Edelstein-Keshet (1993).
Parasit Parasit model from Hassell et al.
Parity Parity model, by Nigel Gilbert.
Snow Snow falling from the sky.
SolidDiffusion This model describes how diffusion occurs between two adjacent solids.
Wolfram Implements Wolfram's one-dimensional Cellular Automata.




bv-scenario A scenario for the BandedVegetation model.
daisy-scenario Daisy world example with larger range of reproducing temperature and more life span.


25P3H1.life 25P3H1V0.
blocker.life Blocker is a period 8 oscillator found by Robert Wainwright.
boatTie.life Boat-tie (or bi-boat) is a small still life whose name is a pun on 'bow tie'.
bookend.life Bookend (or hook) is generation 1 of century and an induction coil.
dinnerTable.life Dinner table is a period 12 oscillator.
figureEight.life Figure eight (or less frequently, big beacon) is a period 8 oscillator found by Simon Norton in 1970.
glider.life A glider (or featherweight spaceship) is the smallest, most common, and first-discovered spaceship.
heavySpaceship.life The heavyweight spaceship (or HWSS for short) is the fourth most common spaceship (after the glider, lightweight spaceship and middleweight spaceship).
octagon.life Octagon 2 was the first known period 5 oscillator, discovered in 1971 independently by Sol Goodman and Arthur Taber.
pentaDecathlon.life Pentadecathlon (or PD) is a period 15 oscillator that was found in 1970 by John Conway while tracking the history of short rows of cells (see one cell thick pattern).
pulsar.life Pulsar is, despite its size, the fourth most common oscillator (and by far the most common of period greater than 2).
rPentomino.life The R-pentomino is a methuselah that was found by John Conway in 1970.
rabbits.life Rabbits is a methuselah that was found by Andrew Trevorrow in 1986.

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