Calibration metrics and algorithms

Version: 0.5.5
License: LGPL-3
Release: 02/08/2018
Authors: Antonio Oliveira Jr, Pedro R. Andrade, Claus Aranha

A package with functions for calibrating spatial models. It contains goodness-of-fit metrics as well as an automatic calibration feature using a genetic algorithm called SaMDE (Self-Adaptive Mutation in the Differential Evolution).


MultipleRuns The Multiple Runs type has various model execution strategies, that can be used by the modeler to compare the results of a model and analyze it's behavior in different scenarios.
SAMDE Type to calibrate a model using genetic algorithm.


GoodnessOfFit Goodness-of-fit metrics.
Utils Useful functions that are used by MultipleRuns and SAMDE.


broeke An implementation of the model described in ten Broeke, Guus, George van Voorn, and Arend Ligtenberg.
costanza Basic example for testing goodness-of-fit.
daisy Daisyworld example using multiple Runs factorial strategy.
fire-average Fire in the forest example using multiple runs repeateated strategy.
moving-agents Example that uses MultipleRuns to compute wow many cells agents moving randomly can reach.
sir-mr-campaign Multiple simulations of a Susceptible-Infected-Recovered (SIR) model with a public campaign.
sir-mr-probability Investigating the probability of infection in a Susceptible-Infected-Recovered (SIR) model.
sir-samde-fit Infection example using SaMDE, simulates an infection spreading inside a school.
sir-samde-max-infected An example of a bad calibration.
sir-samde-point Calibration of a SIR model using a single point.
yeast-mr Basic example for testing MultipleRuns using Yeast model.
yeast-samde Basic example for SAMDE using Yeast model.


costanza.pgm Example of a CellularSpaces for multi resolution goodness-of-fit metric.

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