Simple spatial ABM

Version: 0.6.2
License: GPL
Release: 04/25/2018
Authors: Pedro R. Andrade
Depends: terrame (>= 2.0)

Implements spatial agent-based models with at most one agent per cell.


Ants A colony of ants bringing food to their nest.
Disease A SIR model implemented with agents.
GrowingSociety Model where a given Society grows, filling the whole space.
Heatbugs Heatbugs is an agent-based model inspired by the behavior of biological agents that seek to regulate the temperature of their surrounding environment around an optimum level.
Labyrinth A labyrynth, where agents move randomly from a given entrance until an exit point.
LifeCycle A model where agents reproduce and die by age.
Overpopulation Model where Agents die by overpopulation.
PredatorPrey Predator-prey dynamics.
Schelling Schelling's segregation model.
SingleAgent A single agent moving around randomly.
Sugarscape Sex, Culture, and Conflict: The Emergence of History.




ants A scenario for the Ants model.
disease Running the disease model varying the probability of infecting a connection from 0.05 to 1.
road Implementation of a small model where agents move along a given road.


crossRoom.labyrinth A room with a cross in the middle.
default.pgm The traditional sugarscape.
maze.labyrinth A small maze.
room.labyrinth An empty room.
small.pgm A small sugarscape.

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